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Got a story idea but not sure if it’s good enough for a novel? Tell me about it and I’ll assess its potential. We won’t go into much detail here, and I may have some questions for you before I can know for sure whether or not your story idea will work. But it’s a place to start.

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Examples of Story Summaries

Story Summary Example #1
Jake Malone, a West Point graduate and fighter pilot, is a tough man who others admire as a hero. When he gets out of the service, he is disillusioned by marital and financial problems. He takes a job flying cargo and is commissioned to transfer millions of dollars in old currency to the Treasury Department to be burned. The plane is hijacked by ruthless, violent men who are determined to steal the currency, and Jake must draw on all his past training, courage, and pride to defeat them.

Story Summary Example #2
A young, ambitious reporter named Tami Davis stirs up animosity as she steps on toes to make a name for herself in her desire to become an anchor woman. She investigates a local mobster who supposedly helped the city’s mayor steal the election, even though her boss tells her to drop it. After she ignores several warnings to back off the investigation, she is kidnapped by the mobster’s goons who tie her up on the beach and leave her to drown when the tide comes in. Faced with almost certain death, Tami thinks about how she got to this point in her life and feels regret for all the people she has hurt along the way. I’m not sure how this story will end – if Tami will actually drown or be saved at the last moment.

Story Summary Example #3
A young girl finds a purple cloak in her aunt’s closet. When she wears it, she feels safe and begins to experience magical dreams and events. One day while walking in the forest with the cloak, she finds herself entering a mysterious lair where the last dragon talks to her and tells her that she must use her magical powers to save the world with the help of the dragon.

Story Summary Example #4
The story I have in mind is a futuristic story about politics and religion having been banned years before. The people are mainly controlled by a religion called The New Order run by a power-hungry dictator who will do whatever it takes to keep his iron grip on everyone. A rebel leader named Jon struggles to survive long enough to overthrow the dictator and prevent Earth from falling into chaos.

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